Vennskap og Kjærlighet

The wonderful poet Dag Evjenth and I just finished our two new books on Schibsted Forlag. The books are called «Kjærlighet» (Love) and «Vennskap» (Friendship). The perfect gift! And only 99 nok. Out on Schibsted Forlag.

The first test collection of Gunilla-ware! Bamboo lacquerware made in Vietnam.

We need to make som adjustments and the factory is now working on the second test collection. 
We hope to have the products ready by January.
Check out the Vietnamese lacquerware history here. And a nice slide show of how it is made here
Thanks to Ekobo and Phuongnam for the links.

X-mas show 2010

Thanks to all who came despite of the blistering cold!
xxx Gunilla and Eivind

Magasinet i Drammen. Desember 2010.

Gunilla Holm, Stojan Minev og Ronny Bank i
Magasinet i Drammen i hele desember 2010.
Åpent i senterets åpningstider.


«Longing for Brooklyn». 
Gouache, oil pastel and plaster on recycled paper.
70x100 cm. 8.500 nok / 900 $

«Barcelona-cows, summer of 2005».
Gouache, oil pastel and plaster on recycled paper.
56x76 cm. 6.500 nok / 700 $
Both sold.

Interview with TV Buskerud

Gouache paintings. 2010.


1. «Scenic Route». 56x76 cm plus frame and mat (passepartout). 
2. «Friends». 56x75 cm plus frame and mat (passepartout).
3. «Travelling in Stockholm». 70x100 cm plus frame and mat (passepartout).

Gouache paintings. 2010.

«Need you tonight»

«I never met you but I miss you»

Both: 56x76 cm.

The fabulous animal rescue project

This project is a global effort to inspire people to reach out and help animals by raising funds for the noble and unwavering animal rescue groups, sanctuaries, and shelters. 

What they do:
They make greeting cards with donated images of folk's favorite animals. The artists are animal lovers of all ages from all over the planet.  Each card is handmade with the artist's creation, their first name, age, and where they are from.     

Check it out here

Screen prints. 2010.

«Cowboyku og Indianderku».  19.5x31 cm. 1.300 nok.
«Jeg er din». 11.5x16 cm. 800 nok.

«Thinking of you». 9x27 cm. 700 nok.

«Vi». 27x34 cm. 1.400 nok.
«Avstandsforelsket». 23x34 cm. 1.400 nok.
«Hei!». 16x16 cm. 800 nok.

«Absolute Love». 21x30 cm. 1.300 nok.

«Det er du og jeg som er oss to». 5x29 cm. 700 nok.

Limited edition screen prints. Total of 150 prints.

Søgne Gamle Prestegård, opening 27.06.10, 14:00.

Sommerutstillingen 2010 i galleriet på låven: ”Fullt fjøs”
Salgsutstilling i låven med Jeannie Ozon Høydal, Tove Krogh, 

Ingrid Lønn, Kristin Antonsen og Gunilla Holm Platou.  
«Natursti». Acrylic. 60x100 cm. 

Digital Graphic Artworks - 20x20 cm.

«Choose me!»
«Pantone yellow-green»
«See me»
«The two of us»
Limited edition prints on canvas. Total number of each: 100.
1.700 nok / 280 USD