Vennskap og Kjærlighet

The wonderful poet Dag Evjenth and I just finished our two new books on Schibsted Forlag. The books are called «Kjærlighet» (Love) and «Vennskap» (Friendship). The perfect gift! And only 99 nok. Out on Schibsted Forlag.

The first test collection of Gunilla-ware! Bamboo lacquerware made in Vietnam.

We need to make som adjustments and the factory is now working on the second test collection. 
We hope to have the products ready by January.
Check out the Vietnamese lacquerware history here. And a nice slide show of how it is made here
Thanks to Ekobo and Phuongnam for the links.

X-mas show 2010

Thanks to all who came despite of the blistering cold!
xxx Gunilla and Eivind